19th June 2017

BillBot Project

Your Personal Money Organiser.


Set up reminders via Push Notification, Text Message and Email to ensure you pay those Important Payments.


See all your Bills displayed on a monthly calendar to ensure you are completely organised.


Create a Profile to Save and Transfer your data to other Devices and online.


See how much you are spending in each category with Charts and Graphs.

Choose the perfect plan

BillBot comes in Free and Paid Versions. Download for Free now to experience the Basic Features of BillBot.



  • Max of 6 Bills and Spends
  • Made Possible by Ads
  • Accessible through iOS, Android and Online
  • Upgrade anytime



  • Unlimited Bills and Spends
  • No Ads
  • Accessible through iOS, Android and Online
  • Email Support


Main Screen design

Login Screen design

Frequently asked questions

BillBot. In short, is a Money and Bills Organiser. Which will be available through iOS, Android and Online.

You tell BillBot, the Details of all your Bills and Payments and you will receive reminders via Push Notifications or Text Message. E.g. “Your Bill to PayPal of £149.98 is due Tomorrow!” 

BillBot will feature Charts showing Category Percentages and Monthly Comparisons. BillBot users will choose a Free or Paid Account, with the Free Version giving Limited Features and Ads. 


BillBot is aimed at people who are wanting to be more organised and businesses who have lots of Bills and Direct Debits. At Signup the User would be asked whether it will be for Personal or Business use.

BillBot will go live on the 1st January 2018. 

This will allow time for Planning, Building, Testing and Finishing Touches to ensure BillBot is 100% Perfect.

The idea of BillBot came about when I wanted something similar for myself and didn’t find anything like this currently on the market.

With it being something I want myself, I will ensure it has features that no other app currently offers and will always be open to suggestions and improvements from BillBot users.

BillBot features a Free and Paid Version which is 59p.

The Free Version of BillBot will have limited features and will display ads.

Latest news


May 2017: Planning

Planning has been started into BillBot. The Presentation, Impact Maps and User Stories have been created.


June 2017: More Planning

Planning has been continuing on BillBot. Object Mapping, Wireframes and Designs are due to be completed by the end of the month.


July 2017: Begin Build

The Build of BillBot is due to be started in July. This will approximately take 2 to 3 months to reach a Minimal Viable Product.