Agile Training Day

At this training session, we discussed Agile. We discussed what it is and how it is used.  We also completed some tasks that involved working as a team, with one task where we couldn’t communicate with each other. This task showed us that communication is key for good teamwork!

The other task involved estimating how many paper hats we could make as a team in 10 minutes. The hats had to have a particular design with one side showing a large blue cross, and the other showing a red dot – I had the role of drawing the dots and crosses! We then repeated this 4 times, and had 4 different estimations. After each 10 minutes, we completed a ‘QA’ stage where we checked all the hats to see if they had been folded correctly, had the right designs and colours, and whether they looked the same as the prototype example.

This task showed you that once you get used to how to do a task, and everyone then has a role to play, you are able to make more and more. But the quality then may lack as you are trying to make as many as possible in the quickest time.