Drupal CMS Training with the Client

Throughout the Development of one of Numiko’s projects, the Client came to visit Numiko to see where we were at with the build of their site. In a meeting that took place with the Client, Project Manager and Dev team, the clients were shown the Drupal 8 CMS which was used to build the site. They weren’t too confident using Drupal and therefore asked if they could receive some training in how to use it, which I agreed to do.

I was followed back to my desk, where I built a page using Slices*, clearly explaining what I was doing. The clients were so happy with the training I had given, they asked if I could give the training to more people who would be using the CMS – which involved me travelling down to London with the Project Manager.

*Slice – is a layout feature developed by Numiko which allows you to have better customisation and control over where and how elements are laid out on a page.


CMS Training in London

The week before the training was due to take place, Michelle (my fellow apprentice) and I, created a guide which we could hand out to the clients. It outlined what we was going to show them and how it is done.

I arrived in London with the Project Manager and we went to meet the clients. We were greeted by them at the reception and walked into a classroom with a projector at the front and 10 people sat at their desks. Me and the Project Manager introduced ourselves to everyone in the room and began to load up the site.

Following the guide I began showing them how to create users on the site, and assign them to a specific role. They decided to follow along on their computers each making themselves a user account on the site and I answered any questions that were asked. I then continued to work through the guide letting them copy what I was doing.

They seemed very happy with the site and the training.