First Month at Numiko

First Week at Numiko

The first day, we were shown general rules, health and safety and anything else you are usually shown on your first day. We then met everyone in the office and introduced ourselves. After this, and for the rest of the day, we were shown our desks and began to set up our computers, have a play around and look at the websites and programs that Numiko use.

Throughtout the week we began shadowing various people around the office so we could see how everything works and had the chance to sit in various meetings. I have thoroughly enjoyed my First Week and am amazed how fast it has gone! I have already learnt a lot in the first week and half filled my notebook. I have definitely made the right choice in choosing Web Development as a Career Path and aim to make the most of this opportunity. Michelle, who completed the Bootcamp with me, also started the Apprenticeship with me. Check out her blog here. I am looking forward to this Apprenticship and can’t wait for the weeks ahead!


Treehouse and Codecademy

I have completed various lessons these past few weeks on Treehouse and Codecademy. HTML, CSS and PHP have been the main focuses, I have already had some experience in these languages when I was at college. I don’t find either of these languages too difficult but I would love to develop my understanding even further in these. I also began looking at Git, as this is used widely around the office.

I also completed the Web Development Treehouse Track, where the lessons included making a website, basic HTML and CSS. I found this track very useful and I learnt a lot of new things. As well as Treehouse I also used Codecademy as I thought it would be useful to develop my knowledge in these languages as much as possible!



I have been experimenting quite a bit with WordPress, trying to discover new ways to develop my Blog Site. I have been downloading various plug-ins and themes to improve the site as much as I can. I find WordPress a really nice CMS and I like the fact Numiko use Drupal. This way I will develop my skills in both CMS’.

From the Research I have been doing on Treehouse and Codecademy, I have began creating Blog Posts on particular languages, I am going to continue doing this throughout the Apprenticeship.


Front-End Tasks

Whilst shadowing the Front-End team, Me and Michelle were set some tasks to complete so they could have a general idea of our knowledge in HTML and CSS. These tasks were recreating a bunch of graphics such as Navigation Bars, Headers and Teasers in Codepen.

I did find a couple of the Graphics a little difficult to recreate, but the Front-End team were always on hand and eager to help us with any queries we had. After a week or so of having the tasks, a member of the Front-End team reviewed our Graphics and gave us ways of improvement. We were also recommended a game called ‘Flexbox Froggy’ which helped you develop your understanding of Flexbox.