Numiko Coding Standards

When writing code in an agency, you would expect that the code will be passed around various members of the team. If each developer wrote code differently, this could quickly get confusing and hard to read. This is why Numiko have Coding Standards that each Developer should follow when writing their code which ensures all code is structured and looks the same.



Front-End Framework – Numiko use their own Front-End framework when writing their Front-End code. The Front-End Framework is code, written by Numiko that encourages all Front-Enders to write their code in a certain way. This ensures all code is consistent and easy for other Developers to work on or read the code.

BEM Syntax – Numiko write classes using the BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) Syntax in their Front-End code. BEM Syntax requires you to name elements as: block__elem--mod. This encourages Developers to use consistent Naming Conventions, which helps avoid confusion for other developers who may work on or read the code.

Twig – Twig is also used at Numiko as most projects are in Drupal 8. Twig is used to compile templates down to plain, optimised PHP Code. This encourages Front-End Developers to follow a certain way of writing their code.