Pre-Apprenticeship Bootcamp | Week 1

Day 1

Today at the Apprenticeship Training, we spoke about what would happen in the Boot Camp Sessions. We was shown a Presentation that explained what we would have by the end of the training and what we could show to potential employers at interviews. We began looking at Drupal, and had a little play around with the settings.


Day 2

We looked at Drupal in more detail today and actually began making a blog. We edited things like the theme and the logo. We worked our way through the guide and completed about three quarters of the first section. Tomorrow I will aim to finish this section which is about Drupal.


Day 3

Today at Bootcamp, I carried on working through the guide to set up my Drupal Site. The majority of the tasks have been completed in this section, I just have to complete the part on “Sub-Themes” and then just basically tidy up the site. Tomorrow I will complete these and then hopefully move onto looking at WordPress.


Day 4

Today at Bootcamp, we moved onto looking at WordPress. I did all the tasks I did on my Drupal Site on WordPress and I found a lot easier to use. We also had 2 guys come in that worked for a Web Development company called First 10. They talked about what they do in their company and how they do it. They then came and had a look at our sites – both Drupal and WordPress and asked us which we preferred.


Day 5

Today at Bootcamp, following the guide – we began looking at the project briefs. We then picked a Project to start, and I chose one named “Charity Blog”. I chose to make it in Drupal as I felt this was best suited for the requirements. I added a theme, created the pages and began filling in the content. Next week I will finish adding the content and maybe begin creating one of the other projects.


Summary of First Week

I have really enjoyed my first week here at Bootcamp and have met some really great people. I have already learnt so many things – before I had started Training I didn’t even know what Drupal was.

If I had to choose between Drupal and WordPress, I would choose WordPress as it seems a lot simpler to use. But each offer something different, and I still have a lot to learn before I can fully compare the two. An Apprenticeship would definitely be an amazing Opportunity, and would allow me to put all these skills I am learning into practice. I can’t wait to see what I learn next week!