Pre-Apprenticeship Bootcamp | Week 2

Day 6

Today in Bootcamp, I carried on with my Charity Blog Project. On Friday, I had created the 5 pages that had to be made for the project, and the aim for today was to add content to these pages. I have added a sign up form to the ‘Get Involved’ page and I have added some ‘dummy’ blogs to the site. I have also filled in the ‘About Us’ page and added an image. All that is left to do, is continue to add content to the site and create a page for the blog posts instead of them displaying on the homepage.


Day 7

Today at Bootcamp, we had two guys come in from a Web Development company called Numiko in Leeds. They came round and had a look at the sites we had made and gave us tips on how to improve. For the rest of the day, I have just been developing my project site and have created a separate page for the blog posts which is one of the Key Deliverables. I began to look into creating a Profile for each blogger, but I will have to continue looking into that tomorrow. I have managed to create a Sign In/Up form that appears on the site, and when people sign up it has to be approved by me.

Day 8

Today at Bootcamp, I again was continuing to develop my Charity Blog Project. There is now also a sign-up option for users to sign up to the site. I am just trying to figure out how to make a profile page for each user that signs up to the site, hopefully I will get that done today.


Day 9

There are 5 topics that are spoke about in the blog, so today I have made each topic a Taxonomy. This way, a user can look for a certain blog post that speak about a particular topic. I am also trying to figure out how to make each blog post have the authors profile image on it as this is one of the Key Deliverable’s. Once I have completed this task, I will then have completed all of the Key Deliverable’s and then if I have time, I would then be able to move onto some of the Bonus Points.

Day 10

Today at Bootcamp, I have been generally tidying up my site and making it look clean and tidy. At the start of the day I stood up at the front of the room and presented my site to everyone in the Bootcamp. Everyone else did the same and we gave and recived feedback from each other. In this 2 weeks I have learnt a lot about Drupal and WordPress, as I had never looked at either of them before the Bootcamp and now I have made several sites in each. I would love to use these skills in an Apprenticeship. I still am unsure why Profile Images are not displayed with the blog as in the view it is displayed on the actual page it isnt. I will continue to look at this over the weekend.

Summary of Second Week

I have really enjoyed my second week here at Bootcamp, it has been an amazing opportunity! My Skills have developed massively in Web Development, and I would love to put these skills into practice if I was given the opportunity to pursue an Apprenticeship in a Web Development setting.

I decided to keep my blog in WordPress, rather than Drupal as it seems a lot more easier to maintain, but have  kept my project site in Drupal so that I can practice with both CMS’s.