My Favourite Text Editors

A Text Editor or Source Code Editor is a program designed specifically for creating and editing code. Their main aim is to simplify and speed up the process of writing and editing code by a lot of them offering Syntax Highlighting, Indentation, and Autocomplete. There are loads of these currently available and my favourite 3 are:



  • URL:
  • Cost: Free
  • Developer: Github
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

Atom was first released in 2014 and has many features including; Packages, Customisation, Multiple Panes and Autocompletion. Packages are extensions for Atom and at time of writing they currently have over 7000 packages to choose from. I also love the fact, that Atom works with Git, so you can manage your version control without leaving Atom!



  • URL:
  • Cost: $80 (£60) / Also offers Free Trial.
  • Developer: John Skinner
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux

Sublime was released back in 2007 and is still the third most popular Development Environment according to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey. Sublime has many features including Packages, Multi-Edit, Snippets and various Customisation options. My favourite Sublime package has got to be ColorPicker, which allows you to select colours and hex codes, from a pop-up color picker window. Which can save a lot of time!


Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code was originally released in April 2015. Similar to other editors VSC allows you to add Packages, Various Customisation options and Keyboard Shortcuts. Visual Studio Code also includes an Interactive Debugger which can save a developer a lot of time! Another great feature of VS Code is that – similar to Atom, it has support for Git, meaning you can manage your version control, without even leaving the editor!


I have used all three editors and they are all great to use and have their own pro’s and cons. My favourite though, has to be Atom. I love the Multiple Panes option, the thousands of customisation options available and being able to work with Git, directly in the editor.