What are User Stories?

What is a User Story?

A User Story is a short, simple description of a feature, told from the perspective of a person using the site. This template is often followed:

As a…

I want to…

So that…

User Stories are often written on Post-Its, Index Cards or Software such as Trello, then organised on a Table or Board with Team Discussion. This then brings together a plan or example story a user of the site may have. While creating and discussing User Stories, a lot of the time, new ideas will be thought of and brought up that could improve the site.


Who writes a User Story?

User Stories can be written by anyone. It’s the site owners responsibility to ensure User Stories are made but that doesn’t mean it’s the site owner who makes them! A well planned project, could have a User Story written by each member working on it.

As previously said, it’s very important that User Stories are discussed while they are being created. This way, new ideas can be thought of and the stories can be developed making them best suited to the site.


When are User Stories made?

User Stories are written throughout the project, usually near the start. A lot of the time, a workshop is held towards the beginning that involves each team member working on the site, with a goal of creating and discussing several examples that describe the functionality a user may be have while using the site.

The User Stories can also be reviewed throughout the project if new ideas or improvements arise.


What does a User Story look like?

As previously said, User Stories usually follow this template; As a… I want to… So that… Below are a few examples I made for my project site – Gamers Network which is a Games Review site.

  • As an Experienced Gamer, I want to see that game reviews are added regularly so that I can read about the newest, most recent games.
  • As a Genre Freak, I want to see game reviews filtered by Genre so that I can read reviews of games that are of my favorite genre.
  • As a Gaming Newbie, I want to see a page that lists the Top 10 best rated games so that I have an idea of current good games to play.