What is Object Mapping?

What is Object Mapping?

Object Mapping is thinking about the main Objects and Components that are going to be used on the site, and should be done as a team with anyone who will be working on the project. Personally, I use Trello for this, I create a list for each of the main components or objects of the site – such as Photos. Then, I add cards into the list (as you can see on the screenshot below, categorised as red) of what should actually makes the Component – such as the photo itself, the name of the Album it’s in, Date and Location.



Once I have a few lists created, I then move to the next section – Relationships. This is where I see if any components link to each other (you can see this on the screenshot below, categorised as blue). Using the screenshot below, you can see that Photo’s live inside Photo Albums, therefore they are linked.


Closing Thoughts

Object Mapping is a vital stage to the planning process, and allows you to think whether Objects are actually necessary for the site. This can save a lot of time and money if you discover a different way to do what you are wanting to do. Object Mapping should usually be done as a team with anyone working on the project, so will also allow you to hear different people’s opinions on objects throughout the site.