Wireframe Challenge

Wireframe Challenge – Numiko

At Numiko, as part of learning the design stage of a project, Me and Michelle were set the task of creating a homepage wireframe, following a brief. (You can see what Wireframes are here.)

“Make a standard homepage wireframe with key features, relating to the client’s needs. Remember to think about usability and accessibility to ensure we deliver an excellent user experience.”

We were given some requirements relating to what the wireframe should include and how it should be laid out.

  • Easy Navigation Menu across the top of all pages.
  • A Site Logo at the top left of all pages, inside the Navigation Menu.
  • A Large Hero Image should be displayed underneath the Navigation Menu, with some text to the right.
  • Underneath the Hero Image, there is to be three equal sized Teaser Cards with a Header, Teaser Text and a ‘Read More’ Button.
  • The Footer is to contain a Footer Menu and Search Box.

From the brief above, I then began creating the wireframe in Axure, ensuring I included all the listed requirements. Below is a screenshot of what I created:

Wireframe Challenge