10th April 2017

About Me

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Dylan! I am a highly motivated and hard-working individual with a keen interest in Designing, Developing and Testing websites. I currently work as a Junior Test Analyst where I carry out a series of tests on Magento sites to ensure they are the best possible quality before leaving the studio.

In my spare time, I enjoy Gaming, spending time with family and friends and going to the gym.

Five Facts.

  1.  I am most skilled in HTML, CSS, Adobe Products, Testing and Quality Assurance.
  2. I have worked with Drupal, WordPress and Magento sites.
  3. I have achieved the Acquia Drupal 8 Site Builder Qualification.
  4. I have English, Maths, Science and IT GCSE at Grade C and above.
  5. Five Years from now, I see myself being a Web Designer or Front End Developer.

Education and Experience.

Junior QA Tester

I began working at Vortex as a Junior Test Analyst, where I ensured all work in the studio was to the highest standard before going live. This job involved the creation of various Test Cases which I used to thoroughly test websites on things such as Upgrades, New Features and Compatibility.

Level 4 Qualification in Software Development.

The Training for the Qualification is split into Quarters, where different areas of Web Development are addressed in each. These areas include: Discovery and Planning (Q1), Site Building(Q2), Theming and Front End(Q3) and Backend(Q4). Part of this Qualification required me to work full-time at Numiko as an Apprentice which allowed me to put the skills learnt at training into practice but also learn new skills in a Web Development Setting.

Whilst completing this Qualification, I am required to work Full-Time in a Web Development setting. I currently work at Numiko, and have the chance to work in many areas of Web Development including Front-End, Back-End, Content Adding and QA Testing. Whilst learning things on the job here at Numiko, I can put the skills I learn at Training into practice which is a great way to learn – especially when you break things, and have to figure out how to fix it!

Key Skills gained:

  • Interacting with the Drupal Interface. This includes researching and installing modules to meet project requirements, using several content types and use of Taxonomies to categorise content.
  • Front-End work. This includes developing my knowledge of CSS, Sass and Gulp, developing sites to ensure they are responsive – following the Mobile-First rule and Ensuring mark-up looks tidy using indentation.
  • QA Testing. This includes testing several sites of their Functionality, whether it be Cross-Browser or Cross-Device to ensure the site looks and works as it should, and giving suggestions on how a problem could be fixed, if one arises.
  • Accomplished Communication Skills. This includes sitting in various Back-End, Front-End, Design and General meetings which allowed me to share ideas and give opinions on projects in the company.

Level 3 Qualifications.

 I attended Leeds City College for 3 years. Here I developed my knowledge in Computer Programmes and Languages by completing modules that touched different areas of Computing and Web Development. Below are the Qualifications that I was awarded while attending Leeds City College.


  • L3 Diploma in IT and Games Design – Pass
  • L3 Extended Diploma in IT and Games Design – Pass

Notable Modules – Digital Graphics, Web Server Scripting, 3D Modelling and Animation.

Certifications and Achievements.

The Acquia Drupal 8 Site Builder Exam tests the candidate in the following areas: Understanding Drupal, Working with a Drupal Site, Content Modelling, Site Display, Site Configuration, Community and Contributed Projects, Module and Theme Management and Security and Performance.

This was part of my Apprenticeship Qualification. I was tested on my knowledge of the Software Methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall and the various roles involved in the development of a website.

This course outlined the basics of Google Analytics. It included 5 sections, each with a series of Videos and a Quiz at the end. The Beginners course outline the Analytics Layout, Reports and Goals. This certificate lasts 1 year from 27th June 2017. Click here to view my Certificate.

This course outlined the features of Google Analytics. It included 4 sections, each with a series of Videos and a Quiz at the end. The Advanced course explained Data Collection and Processing, Analysis and Marketing Tools. This certificate lasts 1 year from 28th June 2017.

This course taught you how to make informed decisions for the business, based on Google Analytics data. This involved reviewing various reports to better understand customer acquisition, user behavior, and conversion.


I spend quite a lot of my time on Treehouse. Treehouse is an online school that teaches beginner to advanced courses and Tracks in Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Development and Game Development taught by collections of Videos, Quizzes and Code Challenges. Below are a small collection of badges I have earnt. You receive these once a course has been completed. Check out my Treehouse Profile.

so far!

Where I am.

I am situated in Leeds, UK.