27th April 2017



Unless you have a clear idea of where you’re heading, what you hope to achieve and what the website is actually for, you can’t hope to be left with a website that works.

Your plans will be the blueprint of your site, the foundation on which everything else is built, ensuring you’re always going in the right direction and that you’re targeting the right areas.

Impact Mapping

Impact Mapping is a way of planning. It is essentially a Mind-Map that is grown during a discussion of everybody involved.



User Stories

User stories are part of planning.  It is a short, simple description of a feature, told from the perspective of a person using the site.

Empathy Maps

Empathy Maps can be a vital part of the Planning Process. I persona is created of a user who may use your site. You then think about what they may Think, Hear, Say and See.

google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that allows you to view statistics of your site, such as amount of Users and Page Views, Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration. It is avaliable to anyone who has a Google Account.