9th March 2018

The Game Vault

The Game Vault

Case Study


The Game Vault was a project I was set at work to help me have a better understanding of the Drupal 8 Interface. I was set particular tasks such as:

  • Categorise Content using Taxonomies
  • Model Content using Content Types
  • Download and Install required Modules

The idea of the project was to develop my knowledge of Drupal 8 ready for my Drupal 8 Site Builder exam. This helped me greatly and I discovered things I didn’t know before!

How was it done?

I first downloaded a local instance of Drupal using Xampp as a local server. I then began going through the list of requirements creating Content Types, Taxonomy Terms and downloading and installing any required Modules.

I then was finally able to begin building up the pages with real content, including titles, descriptions, images, price and a link to buy.

I was asked to use the default Bartik theme for this project, as I was focusing on the back-end tasks. Once the local instance had been completed, I then migrated this to pantheon to create a version that is accessible online. You can find the link to this below.

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