What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a Programming Language mostly used to make web pages interactive. It gives the page life and, most of the time, is behind the interactive elements and animations on a site. JavaScript, HTML and CSS work very well together. HTML provides the Structure of page, CSS the Styles and JavaScript the Read more about What is JavaScript?[…]

My Favourite Text Editors

A Text Editor or Source Code Editor is a program designed specifically for creating and editing code. Their main aim is to simplify and speed up the process of writing and editing code by a lot of them offering Syntax Highlighting, Indentation, and Autocomplete. There are loads of these currently available and my favourite 3 Read more about My Favourite Text Editors[…]

Agile vs Waterfall

One of the first decisions that has to be made when beginning a project is which Development Methodology should be used, which will suit the project best? Development Methodology is the way the Web Development process is organised and the way the process is done. The two most popular methodologies are Agile and Waterfall.   Read more about Agile vs Waterfall[…]

Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome Developer Tools or ‘Dev Tools’ for short are a set of debugging tools that are built into Google Chrome. Chrome Dev Tools allow Web Developers access to a Browser and Website’s internals, which is great for fixing layout issues and page styles. There are various ways to access Dev Tools, the easiest way is Read more about Chrome Dev Tools[…]

What are CSS and Sass?

What Are CSS And Sass? CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets, is used to define styles used on a webpage. This includes the Design, Layout, Fonts, Colors, Margins, Height, Width, Background Images and Variations in Display for different screen sizes and devices. CSS saves Web Developers lots of time! CSS code is saved on Read more about What are CSS and Sass?[…]

Numiko Coding Standards

When writing code in an agency, you would expect that the code will be passed around various members of the team. If each developer wrote code differently, this could quickly get confusing and hard to read. This is why Numiko have Coding Standards that each Developer should follow when writing their code which ensures all code is structured and looks the same.