19th June 2017

Treehouse Tracks

Treehouse Tracks

Treehouse is an online school that teaches beginner to advanced courses in Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Development and Game Development taught by collections of Videos, Quizzes and Code Challenges.  Check out my Treehouse Profile.

I spend a lot of my time on Treehouse. As part of our Apprenticeship Training, each Quarter, Us Apprentices and our Trainer create ourselves a Treehouse Track. A track is a collection of Lessons and Workshops of particular subjects taught by Teachers at Treehouse.



In the Baseline Intro (Q1) we covered Lessons and Workshops on HTML, Accessibility, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Git.


In the Quarter 2 Track we covered HTML, CSS, PHP, Development Tools, Databases, JavaScript and Business Tools.


In the Quarter 3 Track we covered lessons on HTML, CSS, PHP, Development Tools, Databases and JavaScript.


Q4 has not yet been assigned.